Welcome to Food Rascal; a culinary consultancy business that offering food concepts, menu creation and operational expertise for exciting established and new hospitality ventures.


Lead and inspired by David O’Brien, our team is passionate about all things food,  beverage and hospitality. We pride ourselves in being creative and diverse within a market that can become stale very quickly. We embrace the challenge of the ever changing hospitality environment and specialise in delivering to brief.


Our mantra does not allow compromise. We are robust as a business because we are the best at what we do by choosing the right commercial fit. 


It’s difficult to talk “food and service” these days without landing feet first in the “food cliché” department with “fresh, seasonal, local, sustainable” as the most overused promises in the food industry.


At Food Rascal, we consider these now clichéd practices to be how it always was, how it always is and how it always will be. 


There is no greater way to found a relationship than the sharing of food, abundance, generosity, care and restraint are all very key descriptive words around our hospitality briefs. We believe that there needs to generosity in food service, not particularly in portion size but in flavour, colour and design. The same goes with service. A generosity of personality is maybe the strongest offering of all. Restraint is also key. We train ourselves to hold back with ingredients, handle food with a light touch, always be tinkering and searching for that perfect balance between great produce and refined cooking.


Our extensive experience in event catering and hospitality has proven to be the perfect training for consultancy. Designing menus and building kitchens is second nature. We do it everyday in many different locations. We know how to create the perfect menu to suit the needs of our clients and enhance the guest experience through food and hospitality. We also know how to plan a kitchen to ensure a seamless service. The importance of ergonomics to keep our staff safe. The optimal environment to serve your guests. It’s this knowledge behind the scenes that elevates your events. The tiny details years of experience bring. They create the nuance, the warm and fuzzies, the exceptional meal to seal the deal.


We know it. We get it. Hospitality is our life. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

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