Smoked Rangers Valley Brisket Burgers

"Texas Foie Gras"

4 Burgers


Like a rebellious teenager, this fascinating cut of meat needs guidance, support, love, care and strict boundaries to coax it into its fullest expression.


The combination of the brisket muscle groups is complex, needing a cooking method with the correct balance of heat and humidity. Our secret spice rub is unapologetic, blending robust, deep, sturdy, aromatic spices with salt and sugar. The beef wears it like a velvet gown. We then fire up our bad boy “The Yoder Smoker” and lower to a mid-range heat and lock away the brisket for the 12-hour long haul.

Smoked Rangers Valley Brisket Burgers

Pick Up/Delivery Day
  • Kit:

    (makes 4 burgers)

    // Martin’s potato buns* (gf/df available - please be sure to add GF/DF bun to cart)

    // Smoked brisket (gf/df)

    // Pickles (gf/df)

    // Herb ‘slaw + lemon dressing (gf/df)

    // Japanese mayo (gf/df)

    // Sriracha chili sauce (gf/df)

  • DELIVERY - $10

    Delivery available to the following post codes only:-

    2010, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028, 2029, 2030, 2031, 2034



    11am-3pm on the date selected

    121 Bondi Road 

    Bondi NSW 2026

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